It's Good To Be Tempted.

Unleash your culinary spirit. There's no limit when it comes to food and
wine pairings.

Try these with our lush Red Wine.

Wood-fired pizza with blackened chicken, grilled meats with a spice rub of your creation, a Portobello burger, assorted olives, or aged cheddar cheese with crackers. And if you're feeling a bit adventurous, perhaps Devil's Food Cake?

Red Wine Notes

Savour these with our refreshing White Wine.

Fresh green salad with sliced fennel, white fish with almond slivers in a Beurre Blanc sauce, multi-coloured quinoa, hummus, dill Havarti with flax-seed crackers, or an assortment of roasted nuts. And if you're feeling a bit unconventional, perhaps deviled eggs?

White Wine Notes

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